I’m not entirely sure if I found Jo’s blog through Twitter or through her comments on this ol’ here blog, but I’ve been an avid reader of hers for a while now. I love the simplicity of her blog; the way that she combines old and new design inspirations. It’s clean and contemporary but her images always give me a sense of whimsy, of times gone by. It’s an endless source of inspiration for me.

Jo’s story is an amazing one. She’s lived in so many places from London to the Scottish Highlands, Toronto and Edinburgh, and it’s clear that she takes inspiration from all of these places in her work as a graphic designer. A couple of years ago, after working in TV production for 6 years, she bit the bullet, upped sticks with her Canadian husband Bill, moved to the seaside and established HEY JO! Design creating everything from wedding invites, logo design, branding, posters and more. As Jo says, her style is ‘clean, uncomplicated and modern with a firm nod to the olden days by using a simple vintage colour palette and muted tones’. She’s basically a design hero in my eyes and I couldn’t be more excited for the opening of her online shop (due in Autumn).

I’m so pleased to welcome Jo to the Creative Showcase this week to share her story. Without further pause, here’s Jo, her chosen item and the (wonderfully romantic) story behind it.

Kate Elizabeth JO heyjodesign rings

‘I’m not really a diamond kind of girl, which is why I adore my engagement ring.  To me it’s perfect in its untraditional simplicity, with the golden hue of a setting sun at summer’s peak.
My husband proposed to me at the top of the Empire State Building, late at night one Christmas.  The sky was full of snow and the winds were so high my cheeks ached.  We reached the top and despite having been awake for nearly 24 hours it didn’t matter, as there I was in my element.  Staring out over the city I loved so much wondering what was happening down there, each sparkle of light telling its own story. He called my name and when I turned to see him he was on one knee, half grinning, half grimacing with nerves.  There we were: engaged, having been legally single only two minutes previously, gazing out over a land famous for its opportunities and dreams.  It was one of those once in a lifetime, magical New York moments.

Cut to a year later and we were married.  Back in our beloved London, standing at the alter, being watched by a very small congregation of family and the best of friends.  Two people from thousands of miles apart, joined in love, sealed with a ring (and a legally binding document of course, ha!).  The ring I now call my wedding band is the simplest most uncomplicated round of silver.  Inscribed with half a sentence expressing our true sentiment to each other (the other half of which continues on Bill’s wedding band).  My ring has further meaning as it once adorned the hand of my Great Grandmother, humbly telling the world the same story it now tells from my hand.  There are many wedding traditions I do not necessarily agree with (I kept my maiden name) and I was in no way your average little girl, one day dreaming of her perfect wedding.  But one tradition I hold dear is that of the ring.  It is is a true physical representation of an unbreakable bond; an unending love.  A circle has no end points, it keeps on going.  I think that’s pretty cool.’

Thanks for being this weeks Creative Showcase Jo!

You can catch Jo’s blog here or follow her over on Twitter here.